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Well, CuteCunt, as she is so vulgarly described, is a very beautiful girl; and I feel like stopping right there and not saying anything more about the sexcam girl. This is because of her name, and I shan’t say it again. That word is just one of those words that I don’t like. It sounds so base and course, and I don’t think it does justice to the fabulous body and ability of this lovely girl from the adult sexcam sites. I know there are men out there who like to say this word when they are in the middle of their sexcam sessions with their chosen girls, but I sincerely doubt that any of the girls actually like this name. Now that I’ve moaned on and on, let’s get to some serious business.

This fantastic webcam sex babe is the real deal. She is young, talented and beautiful; and she certainly uses these things to her advantage. She is more than happy to give a dirty sexcam chat to a man or a woman or even both of you at the same time if you can manage to get your wife interested in the fact that you jerk off to young 20 year-old girls on the internet when you’re old enough to be their father! LOL! It doesn’t bother me, but it certainly bothers a few women out there, and I would hazard a guess at saying one of them is your wife. Why don’t you show her the sexcam sites you go on and see what she thinks?

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Well, Koreana is more than likely from Korea, and that is more than likely where she found her name I should say, but names aside, this is one beautiful Asian sexcam babe. I’ve seen many Asians on sexcam, I happen to like their very beautiful look and particular sexcam style, but Koreana is probably ranked among at least the first 5 Asian webcam sex stars. If you want a good Asian sexcam then you don’t need to look any further. There is one thing that remains a constant when it comes to Asian sexcams, and that is the very welcoming, genuine smile I always seem to get from the hosts when I enter their free sexchat room.

Koreana has a very unique look among her fellow Asian camgirls, and that is primarily with her body. I think that Koreana’s body looks pretty normal. That sounds strange I know, but what I mean is that compared with all the other skinny webcam girls with fake tits, Koreana looks relatively normal. She has a beautiful girl’s figure but it hasn’t been overworked. This Asian sexcam girl looks about as natural everywhere as I’ve ever seen a girl working on the sexcams. The red outfit certainly suits her too. There aren’t many Asian girls that could pull of what Koreana is wearing here (and very comfortably too I might add!) There is one other thing about this lovely sexcam babe, and that is she’s bi-sexual. That means that you might even see her on cam with another girl too; now that’s much more value for money!

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Pussy4you is one hell of a woman in more ways than I can say in a few hundred words. But I will have to try, because if I don’t bring you the inside information on the greatest sexcams of all time then who else is going to? With me you get all the juicy information because I’ve actually been on the adult sexcam websites that these girls work on all the time. Pussy4you is one of the most popular sexcam babes on nearly all the sexcam sites she works on; I think she’s even won a few awards here and there. You know the kind of awards I’m talking about I’m sure? The kind that give out prized for the nicest chat show host, the best sexcam babe tits, the most pleasing, the best pussy. All of these things I believe that pussy4you has won. I know for certain that she’s won the best tits award several times over, simply because after ever session I have with her (which is a lot) I vote for her and pass comments on how great her boobs are.

She does this thing with those giant tits that not many other sexcams do, and this is bounce them. That sounds simple doesn’t it? Well some girls won’t do it because it hurts them, but not this babe. She’ll shake and bounce her boobies around all day long without a complaint. Now can you imagine how many people visit her adult webcam in one day? Now imagine how much tit swinging that actually is! This girl is such a trooper it’s unbelievable. However, having said that, it’s probably still best if you get her early in the morning; she may have a little more enthusiasm!

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I had a discussion with a friend of mine the other day about which he preferred: sexcam babes in stockings and suspenders or sexcam babes in hold-up stockings. The debate was quite fierce, and originally he insisted on hold-ups, but I forced his hand and managed to secure a vote for the good old fashioned suspenders! So what is it about these adult webcam cuties in their suspenders that gets most men so hot? Well it’s not really important of course, but it’s interesting none the less. Personally I think it must have something to do with seeing the straps that does it. In much the same way as a man would strap or rope up an animal so he could control it, I think this is the same with women; a control thing. However, having said that, there are sexcam babes who have complete control over their client if they’re a dominant BDSM fetish sexcam or something.

For me personally, and disregarding all the philosophical reasons that there may be to explain it, I like to see the spaces of skin in between the panties and the straps, and then the straps and the stocking top. The division of naked skin really floats my boat. And of course there is always that lovely feeling you get when you can hold onto the suspender belt when you’re fucking your woman from behind. I always as the sexcam babes to bend over when they’re wearing stockings and suspenders for this reason alone. So if you’re into suspenders HotRoberta here really likes wearing them. She says that this is what really gets the guys going. She doesn’t pretend to know why, she just gets on with it!

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This sexcam girl has it all doesn’t she? I mean she’s not too young and she’s not too old is she? I love women like this. Do you know the best place to see and meet girls like this? At school, that’s where. If you don’t have children then you should go with one of your friends who do. You won’t regret it I’m telling you. If you have an imagination even half as good as I do then you can picture these young mums with nothing but their underwear on. Now, I’m not saying that this sexcam babe is a mother, that would be a dreadful assumption based on how old she looked; all I’m saying is that she looks old enough to be one of those people.

But now, back to fundamentals. There are a few things that I love about the pictures of this sexcam babe, and I’ll make a start with my favourite attribute – the tits. These tits are by no means massive, but they’re not tiny either are they? In the words of the little bear from the fairytale when he refers to his porridge, I’d say that these boobs were “just right”. Now you usually get adult sexcam girls who have boobs that are massive, or else you get them where the boobs are either small or not so pretty to look at. The next thing I think we need to look at is her ass. Sexcams always have girls that will bend over the chair in much the same way as you can see this babe doing in the pictures, but just examine this picture a little more closely and you’ll see that this girl has a near perfect ass, and all I want to do is come up behind her and pull the thong to one side, allowing me to fuck her hard and fast!

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SexyLola is one of those sexcam babes that just ooze sexuality and sensuality. Just looking at these pictures now reminds me of the many sessions I’ve had and enjoyed with her over the last few months. Lola will certainly be one of my regular girls simply because she knows what I like, and in this sexcam business it’s best to stick with the girls you’ve seen and who have proved themselves to be effective in making you cum bucket loads within a few minutes! I’ve kissed a lot of frogs (so to speak) in order to find a sexcam babe like SexyLola here, and here she is in all her glory to make you happy too. I am almost reluctant to tell you about her because I want her all to myself. It’s a little like when you teenager and you discover a great band that you don’t want anyone else to be into because you want to appear to be the innovator and the one who finds the cool things for your friends. I usually go for big tits in my sexcam babes, and Lola certainly hasn’t got what I would usually go for. However she has other things that more than compensate for it.

To begin with, she has this way of standing and holding herself, a little like a model or something. It achieves her perfectly sexy shape and allows her to point out her gloriously beautiful ass. Her ass looks its best when it’s wearing a lovely g-string like it is in these pictures. How I would love to come up behind her as she leans against the wall bending over, with her head looking over her shoulder, and just take that g-string in my mouth and pull it down as far as I could so I could see that lovely little pussy.

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Now here’s a sultry looking little bitch if ever I’ve seen one before. She looks as though she may have lost her purse! However, she more than makes up for it with that cute, cute ass. Being a sexcam babe has it’s perks I suppose, and one of them is that you quite possibly end up looking after your body in ways you wouldn’t usually if you were a receptionist in an office for example. This babe’s ass is the type of gorgeous globe of flesh that I dream about late at night and makes me wake up in a tiny pool of jizz on the sheet; this is always the bad part of a wet dream! They call this webcam babe 0TrickyJaneXXX and when I went on her free sexcam show I found out why she has this name; she is certainly a trickster!

She held her hair away from her face in this “come on in and fuck me” pose, and her eyes looked absolutely stunning, the kind of eyes you get on a girl when you’ve just finished fucking her and she has achieved a glorious orgasm. Well after seeing these eyes and that look I was instantly hooked on this girl. All this was before her sexcam had moved below her shoulders would you believe. Talk about building the tension, this girl could write a novel! The next thing that clinched the deal a little further was her lowering the sexcam a little to allow me to watch her remove her bra. And here is where the trick got even better. I thought that she was going to show me her boobs in free chat. This isn’t that rare sometimes, and I have known webcam girls that have forgotten they were in the free area and thought that I was paying. This sexcam babe then turned around and showed me her perfect ass. I was busy wanking away thinking I was onto a sure thing until suddenly she pushed the sexcam back up to her face and asked me if I wanted to take her into a private chat; which of course I did!

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I can’t think that this sexcam babe is an amateur for a minute, can you? Just look at her. There is only one picture that I’ve seen in this set where she looks a little shy. Not that shy signifies an amateur (although it does help to indentify the first timers). This girl is certainly not a first timer on cam, and even though she might be an amateur (which I still doubt) she is certainly capable of creating the kind of feelings in her male clients that would rival even the most professional adult sexcam operators. That’s the beauty of amateur sexcams. They can quite easily rival the professionals, and it guarantees a continuous flow of professional webcam girls and new, amateur sexcam babes. I’m telling you, it gets much better each year on these websites.

I haven’t mentioned the obvious feature on this sexcam babe either have I? And to be honest I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to get to them. Look at the size of those beautiful big tits! I am a tit man more than anything else on the planet. You can give me all the nice asses you can find (and this babe has a really nice ass too) but you simply won’t beat a massive pair of boobs like this. I could bury my face in them and just snuggle up for the evening; and would you believe that when I say that I’m not even thinking about sex? It’s true, there’s something so strange about big tits that makes me love to cuddle them and fuck them! I have what I like to call a dirty loving relationship with big boobs!

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Never before have I found a girl on the adult webcam communities whose name matches her abilities so well. The FlexibleGirl19 is certainly 19 years old, and she is more than very flexible indeed. Now I don’t usually go for the acrobatics and Karma Sutra style webcam sex, but when it comes to this little blonde bombshell I simply had to make an exception. I have seen this girl do things that I’ve failed to see acrobats in the circus accomplish. If she ever decided to stop being a sexcam chat host (which I sincerely hope she doesn’t), then she would have a very promising career as an acrobat in any circus in the land.

So FlexibleGirl19, if you’re reading this post (you never do know), I am quite sure that you get enough business doing what you do, but if by any chance you need to find a change of direction I will happily become your agent. However, there is one thing you may have to do before I decide to take you on as a client. (You mustn’t worry because I do this with all of my performing clients.) You must come to my office and give me a private acrobat show in the nude just so I can see that sexcam girl action up close and personal; only this way can I decide whether or not you have what it takes to be a circus performer. And to anyone out there reading this post and wondering what acrobatic webcam sex is like with this girl, what the fuck are you waiting for? Just go and see her, and don’t forget to ask her to bend over backwards for you; I am certain she’ll do it without a problem.